12 May 2018

From the 20th May 2018, new MOT rules will apply. From now on there will be stricter rules on diesel emissions as well as additional defect categories which could see your vehicle fail it’s MOT. Read our article to find out more on what is being changed. Read more!

We’re proud to announce that we’ve expanded our services at MCM garage and launched our new MOT centre called MCMOT. Over the last few months our customers may have noticed us building an extension to the side of the current MCM Garage. This now houses our MOT station which means we can offer MOTs to all of our customers as well as the servicing and repairs we’ve become renowned for.

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Are you wondering “how much is an MOT these days”? We thought we’d give you the low-down on the costs behind getting your vehicle MOT’d in the UK, as well as give some advice on when you should get your MOT and some general facts behind MOTs within this article.

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With technology becoming ever more present inside vehicles these days, many manufacturers warning lights vary considerably. Some dashboard lights and panels can be very helpful, providing a clear symbol and possibly an LCD text display indicating the problem. Please note, when starting a vehicle, it’s common that warning lights appear on the dashboard for a few moments. If they stay present several minutes after starting up the engine, then it’s best to check what they mean to ensure your safety. Read more!