Tyres in Midsomer Norton, including free fitting

In addition to being Skoda, Seat, Audi and VW independent specialists, MCM Garage also fit all popular brands of tyres in Midsomer Norton, near Bath at very competitive prices. You pay a set, pre-agreed price for each tyre, which includes free fitting. By keeping our stock levels relatively low, we are able to keep our prices low. However, whichever tyres you may require can be with us either the same day or on the following day, as soon as they are ordered. You can fill in the form below for a quote and let us know your tyre size - you can usually find the size on the side of the tyre.

Our tyre replacement service uses the top of the range 'Snap On' tyre fitting and balancing equipment to ensure your tyre has a great fit. This equipment allows us to fit tyres up to 24″ whilst causing no damage to either alloys or steel wheels. We can also fit top of the range branded tyres, as well as budget and mid range tyres, which are more suited to smaller budgets.

tyres in midsomer norton

How to find car tyre size

To ensure the correct replacement tyre for your vehicle, it's important to take note of the tyre size information located on the sidewall of your existing tyre when shopping for new ones. This information holds crucial details such as the width, aspect ratio, and diameter of the tyre, among others. By being mindful of these specifications, you can guarantee that the new tyres you purchase will fit perfectly and perform optimally on your vehicle.

Tyre Width

To identify the width of a tyre, you'll see a three-digit number followed by a forward slash. This figure signifies the width of the tyre, measured in millimetres. For instance, a tyre marked as "220" would have a width of 220 millimetres.

Tyre Profile / Aspect Ratio

The tyre profile, alternatively known as the aspect ratio, is represented by two digits located to the right of the forward slash symbol that follows the tyre width. For instance, a tyre with a width of 215mm and a profile of 60 would be denoted as 215/60.

Rim Size

The measurement of a tyre's rim is known as its diameter and is denoted by a two-digit number located immediately after the letter R on the sidewall. This number, such as 15, indicates the size of the rim that is compatible with the tyre.

Speed Rating

Speed ratings of tyres are displayed as a single letter from the alphabet. Typically located after the load rating, this figure indicates the highest speed that the tire has been approved for use. Typically, it is the final character in the tire size code, such as W.

Please fill in the form below for a quote on new car tyres. Alternatively, call us direct on 01761 415 501