MOT rules are changing

From the 20th May 2018, new MOT rules will apply. From now on there will be stricter rules on diesel emissions as well as additional defect categories which could see your vehicle fail it’s MOT. Read our article to find out more on what is being changed.


MOT changes from May 2018

New MOT test certificate design

Nothing exciting about this one but there will be a new MOT certificate you’ll see. It will now list any defects or issues clearly with better explanations.

New MOT categorisations for defects

Any faults found during your MOT will see them listed with the following categorisations:

  • Minor (Pass)
  • Major (Fail)
  • Dangerous (Fail)

New MOT checks to be added

7 new MOT checks will be added to the current testing:

  • Contamination of brake fluid
  • Headlight washers on vehicles first registered after 1st September 2009 (if fitted)
  • Tyres are found to be well underinflated
  • Brake pads or discs are missing, and brake pad warning lights are visible
  • Reverse lights are all still functional
  • Fluid leaks, posing an environmental risk
  • On vehicles registered from 1st March 2018 checks on daytime running lights

Tighter MOT rules on diesel emissions

There will be a new rule on cars fitted with a diesel particulate filter (DPF). If they appear to emit any smoke during the MOT test, then this will count as a fail of the MOT and will need to be fixed for a re-test.

No MOT needed for vehicles aged 40+

Currently cars made before 1960 don’t require an MOT. However the new MOT rules will mean that this restriction will soon be based on the cars age being 40 or more years old. Be aware though that if your car has had a change of engine, axle/running gear or chassis within the last 30 years, then this will mean the car despite it’s original age still requiring an MOT.

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