We all hate it when our car breaks down but knowing the most common symptoms should help you prevent a future break down. So here’s our top 5 reasons for car break down.

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Having a slow puncture on your car can be a real pain and some people put up with simply inflating the tyre every week to save money. However, you run the risk of the tyre wearing more than normal if it deflates quicker than other tyres, plus it could increase your stopping distance and the potential of an accident! Without getting it checked you could also find yourself paying for a new tyre sooner than you need to. This article provides some of the causes of slow punctures to help you diagnose the issue. Read more!

Safely change your flat tyre

Always check your handbook for the manufacturers recommended advice for either repairing or changing your tyre. This information is provided as a general guideline. These days, new cars include a puncture repair kit, usually a sealant and compressor, instead of the traditional spare wheel. These kits are designed to just get you to the nearest tyre garage to get a replacement. Read more!