Engine Cleaning System – Bluechem Clear Flow Tuning System

Since 2012 we have been using German made Powermaxx products on all services we carry out. These products help us to provide a superior service to your vehicle and help your engine to run smoother and more efficiently. We have now also invested in the Bluechem clear flow tuning system. This new tool allows us to use these very useful chemicals to clean and maintain your engine to almost as new condition. It allows us to give a better concentrated clean to the internals of your engine. TheBluechem clear flow tuning system is a cleaning device for cleaning injector valves, nozzles, turbo etc which are contaminated or gummed with resin. Additionally, problems caused by carbon deposits on inlet or exhaust valves can be solved and allow the engine to work as it should.

If you'd like to book an appointment to clean your engine system at MCM Garage in Radstock near Bath, we'd be happy to help. Whilst your car is being repaired you can either use one of our courtesy cars or we'll give you a lift home or to work.

Engine cleaning

MCM Garage offer the Bluechem clear flow tuning system which offers the following benefits for your vehicle:

  • Cleaner and more powerful combustion
  • Significantly less fuel consumption
  • Reduces corrosion
  • Limit the amount of smoke and soot from exhaust
  • Increases lifetime of catalytic converter


Bluechem Clearflow Tuning System (petrol & non DPF diesels)
£102 including VAT

Bluechem Clearflow Tuning System with engine incorporating a DPF filter (diesel)
£138 including VAT

Amazing results from the Bluechem clear flow tuning system

As well as using this system as a regular maintenance in addition to your normal servicing schedule, we have had some amazing results with vehicles that are running rough, going into limp mode, lacking power, having increased fuel consumption and helping to revive turbos that previously may have needed replacement.

As we have been using the powermaxx fuel treatments for a while and know the benefit they can have on the health of your engine, we trialled the system direct to the fuel system of our VW Passat. The Passat was running ok and had no real issues, but we wanted to get an idea of the results we could achieve. We carried out an emission test to find the average soot content to be running at 0.87. This is a pass in terms of an mot on this particular vehicle with the limit at 1.5, but we expected the Passat to be ok. We then carried out the fuel system clean and retested the emissions. The reading then came out at 0.08. This can be viewed as the soot content you would expect from the vehicle when it would have been new. This is obviously an excellent outcome if your vehicle has failed an emission test and you can bring it back to a similar value. The Passat has been driven for a couple of weeks and has a much smoother engine with more power as a result of this clean.

DPF Cleaning
Engine cleaning

Proof that the Bluechem clear flow tuning system works

We then used this system to clean a customer’s vehicle. Mrs S booked in for a diagnostic on her 2006 VW Golf. She was having issues with the car going into limp mode. Mrs S had been to another couple of garages and had unnecessary parts replaced to try to rectify her problem. We diagnosed the fault being an issue with the turbo. The turbo was over boosting due to the variable vanes sticking. We advised trying the air intake clean first before going any further to try and rectify the problem. The other option if the turbo could not be cleaned would be a replacement, a very expensive option.

The air intake clean was carried out and the vehicle sent back to the customer to try for a week to see if the fault had improved. 2 weeks later we were emailed the following by the customer:

Dear Matt and Chris, Just a small message to say a VERY BIG thank you to you for diagnosing and treating our VW so successfully where others struggled to do so!!! As you said it would be, the car is back to full power and we are very grateful for your advice and expertise. Thank you! Grateful to have found you.

Mrs S.

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