5 signs your car suspension needs repairing

Your car suspension helps provide a smooth ride and better handling performance on the road. When it starts to fail you may notice the driving experience changes. In this car maintenance article, we pinpoint the 5 obvious signs that your vehicle’s suspension needs repair.

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1. Car suspension feels ‘rough’ to drive

If your suspension is starting to wear, you’ll usually recognise every pot hole and speed ump a little more intensely. Sometimes you could witness your car bouncing more than usual too, so drive with caution to your nearest garage to get a car suspension check.

2. Car ‘rocks’ too much

A great test to check if your vehicle’s suspension needs repair, is to park your car, place it into neutral and then push down on the car bonnet several times, then let go. If you notice that the car continues to ‘rock’ 2-3 times after you’ve let go, it’s a good sign that your suspension has failed. You can also try this ‘bounce test’ on the boot as well to check the rear suspension.

3. The car ‘dips’ when braking

Another obvious sign of failing suspension is noticing the car’s body ‘dipping’ downward when you brake firmly. You could also find that your stopping distance gets worse too. We’d highly recommend seeking advice immediately if this occurs, since it is a safety issue.

4. Car drifts as you corner

Difficulty cornering can also hint at failing suspension. If you find your car pulls or drifts around corners it’s likely that your shock absorbers are worn. In normal driving conditions the suspension system counteracts against this force encountered when driving around corners.

5. Tire tread wearing unevenly

Check your tyre tread often for any wear or uneven bald spots which could be an indicator that your suspension needs repair. If you notice tyres being worn, you may also need to replace the tyres as well as getting a mechanic to correct your suspension.

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If you’re experiencing car suspension issues which you feel need repair, here at MCM Garage we’re happy to help. Book a suspension repair appointment online or call us direct on 01761 415 501. We’ll check your suspension and source quality suspension parts to repair your vehicle. A courtesy car is also available to keep you motoring whilst we repair your car too.