3 Top Reasons Why Preventative Car Maintenance is Wise

Ensuring your car is kept well maintained over its lifetime may seem unnecessary, as some car owners may see it as a functional object which gets them from A to B. However having a good preventative car maintenance plan could save you money in the long run and keep your vehicle on the road longer.

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1. Safety benefits of regular car maintenance

Many of us buy certain cars for their safety benefits. Whether you have a young family or travelling long distances on dangerous motorway stretches, safety is paramount on the road. Therefore, this is why we’ve highlighted this a number one on our list. Regularly maintaining your vehicle whether it be a daily check of your tyres and lights, to regular service intervals recommended by the manufacturer can help reduce the risks of an accident and improve your safety on the road. Ignoring checking your tyre tread depth could lead to a skid. Lights not working could cause a crash. Running out of oil and the engine ceasing could see you left on the hard shoulder without a safe place for your family. All of this could be avoided if you have a regular maintenance plan for your car.

2. Save money maintaining your car periodically

The most thrifty of us may feel that saving money is the number one benefit of a car maintenance plan. Replacing parts which are worn or changing the oil regularly, along with other routine service routines will in fact help you save money over the lifetime you own your car. A badly maintained vehicle is more prone to breaking down, potentially leading to further damage to other parts of the car. Then there’s the cost of roadside assistance too. Whilst servicing your car every 6 months to a year may seem more costly, actually this preventative car maintenance will save you money. Plus you’ll ensure your car is on the road longer, without the costs of taxis and hire vehicles. Don’t forget that a car with a full service history is also likely to fetch more money when selling it.

3. Save time with preventative car maintenance

It’s a known fact that maintaining your vehicle keeps it on the road longer, with less breakdowns. This means you’re saving time in the long run. Consider when your car breaks down – how are you getting to work, getting the kids to school? Rearranging your travel after a breakdown is very inconvenient for us all and takes us more time to go about our daily lives. When time is precious in the lives we all lead, it’s a sensible move to schedule your car in for it’s service to avoid being without your car for a period of time when it breaks down.

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