Emergency car repair – ways to cover the cost

The words ’emergency car repair’ is never something your wallet wants to hear even at the best of times. However there are plans to cover the emergency car repair costs. In this article we’ll go through the options available to limit the impact of these emergency repair costs on your bank balance.

emergency car repair

Flexible small loans to cover car repairs

Budgets are tight in family households. One option you can consider if you can’t afford the repair costs outright is to take out a small loan. These can help However, beware that some small loans can have a high rate of interest meaning you’ll be paying more in the long-run. Usually it’s best to check with your current personal bank to see if they have any short loan deals to help you. Otherwise shop around for the best deal online for a small loan via a comparison website such as ComparetheMarket.com – remember to check the reputation of any lender to make sure they are fair. Looking for a 4/5 star Defaqto rated company is usually best all round.

Find the best price for emergency car repairs

If money is tight then it makes sense to shop around locally to find the best garage price to repair your car. Often you can find savings if you’re savvy enough. Even asking your preferred local garage to see what they can do to match a price elsewhere may bring cheaper results too. Why not get a car repair quote from MCM Garage if you’re based in Bath and the surrounding areas?

Consider extended warranties to cover breakdowns

For many drivers, being without their car can affect their job or mobility. If you’re reliant on your car 24/7 then it’s sensible to consider an extended warranty for your car to help with these emergency repair costs. Most policies will also provide you with a hire car during the repairs to keep you running and minimise the inconvenience. Check each policy however as they can have limitations on the types of repair and limit you to using certain approved garages. Whilst you are paying out a sum each month (and you may not even claim meaning the cost is lost) it will make the pill easier to swallow should your car breakdown at anytime and give you that extra peace of mind that your car is covered in all eventualities.

Check for unnecessary repair costs

Some garages will offer additional services as standard on top of the repair costs. These can be charges for a hire car, lift service, or valet to clean the car after it’s repaired. Make sure you read the quote in detail before committing and question anything you’re unsure of as it could save you money. Here at MCM Garage we can provide a courtesy car free of charge (subject to availability) whilst your car is being repaired. We only ask you pay a rate per mile to cover the fuel and insurance costs making it extremely reasonable.

Need an emergency car repair quote in Bath?

At MCM Garage we pride ourselves on quality repairs and honest advice when it comes to breakdowns. If you’re local to Radstock, near Bath then please get in touch with us for a car repair quote today.