Car Insurance Guide for Young Drivers

Finding the right car insurance for young drivers can take time and a lot of patience. Follow our helpful guide thanks to Sainsbury’s Bank to understand how to get the best price and car insurance policy for younger drivers.

We’re all looking to save money and with car insurance premiums on the rise it’s no wonder so many savvy drivers are searching around for the best deals. Being a young driver looking for cost-effective car insurance is difficult as without any no claims bonuses saved up the premiums can reach on average over £900 for 18-20 year olds! Therefore try to think about the various factors when starting your own policy for the first time:

  • Look for cars which are cheaper to insure overall, usually in group classes 1-5. Second hand cars over new are also more likely to save you more money when it comes to insurance.
  • Having a named driver on your car insurance policy with plenty of driving experience can help reduce costs, like a parent for instance.
  • Increase the excess to the highest amount as this shows the insurer you’re willing to pay out in an accident which reduces their financial obligations in the insurance deal.
  • Some insurers now offer camera monitoring options which are installed in your car to monitor your driving activity. Signing up to these can cut the car insurance costs significantly but be aware that your driving skills are being recorded.
  • Avoid upgrading or ‘modding’ your car despite it’s appeal. This can substantially increase the car insurance policy cost.
  • Always shop around online and on the phone for the best deals. Be patient, as it can take time to go through the process each time but the savings will be worth it in the end.
  • Never be satisfied with your initial car insurance renewal quote. Check for other deals around again and if your current insurer is still the best, try calling and haggling – there’s no harm done.

Please view this helpful infographic guide to getting cheaper car insurance for young drivers, produced by Sainsbury’s Bank:

Guide to Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers