2019 signals the end of the VW Beetle

The iconic VW Beetle, star of the Disney ‘Herbie’ films and synonymous with Volkswagen for over 60 years, is coming to the end of it’s life as VW announce production of it’s 1990 re-model in it’s Mexican factory will cease. The classic Beetle design has been in decline over the years due to the change in attitude for more SUVs by buyers in the US, meaning the final nail in the coffin for the VW’s life.

VW beetle end of production

First designed in the 1930s by¬†Ferdinand Porsche – yes, the surname we know for the other brand of car – the Beetle originated in Germany before the second world war, billed as the ‘people’s car’. However, war stifled it’s production, meaning it didn’t start to venture out of the factory on to German roads until the 1940s. This didn’t affect sales of the Beetle in the following years however, as it was only in 2003 that the Beetle’s original design came to an end, replaced by a more modern Beetle design in the 1990s.

The Beetle became a film icon in the 60s and 70s for the Herbie the Love Bug films and was rebooted in 2005. The famous n0. 53 Herbie Beetle surely helped keep the fascination for the model in coupe lovers minds, especially with the car having a ‘mind of it’s own’ in the films, making it come alive in our imaginations. Even the 1990s Beetle design featured in the hit Austin Powers movies, highlighting the ‘retro’ 60s appeal and no doubt reigniting a passion for the Beetle curves once again thanks to the ‘power’ (pardon the pun) of the silver screen – in 1999, over 80,000 Beetle cars were sold.

It’s therefore sad to see the end in production of this VW model, especially due to it’s timeless design. Perhaps in the future Volkswagen may revisit the design for a larger SUV type vehicle? Who knows.

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