VW Service Plan vs Maintenance Plan

If you’ve bought a new VW in the last few years, you may have been offered several plans to help service and maintain your vehicle. You may be wondering the differences between the plans and whether they are actually good value for money? We’ll look at the terminology and the facts behind the Service Plan vs Maintenance Plan.

service plan

A VW Service Plan

A service plan is helps you to spread the costs of the general service schedules your car needs during the year. Rather than pay a lump sum when it comes to servicing your vehicle and keeping it in good condition, VW will offer you a monthly plan as instalments to make the cost spread out over the year. This is sensible if you’re budgeting. The service plan will only cover you for the basic (and full) service requirements of your VW which will help keep it’s warranty intact.

The VW Maintenance Plan

For those who want complete peace of mind when it comes to their car, VW offer a maintenance plan to take care of costs associated with replacing brake pads, wiper blades, batteries, shock absorbers, tyres etc. This of course costs more but means that anything which has natural wear can be fixed within the plan (dependent on the options you choose). If you’re not keen on doing anything to your car maintenance wise and want someone to take care of it completely, then the maintenance plan may be for you.

Should you stay with a VW main dealer?

Main dealers will offer these plans as soon as you purchase your car, so it can help produce business for their workshops. It’s also a nice little earner, knowing that your customers are going to keep coming back to you because they bought from you and are tied into a packaged plan.

However, the costs associated with main dealers are usually higher than independent VW garages. This can vary widely but it’s roughly costs 25% more on average with a main dealer. Therefore shrewd customers can make some hefty savings and still not lose out on any warranty when choosing an independent VW specialist – as long as your log book is stamped and is a reputable garage.

Need a VW specialist in Bath?

Based in Midsomer Norton, MCM Garage have been servicing and maintaining VW cars for customers since 2009. We can help you keep your service schedule and offer significant savings over main dealers. Call us today on 01761 415 501 or email us to get a quote or an appointment to service your VW vehicle.