5 easy places to check your car for signs of rust

Despite many manufacturers providing a rust guarantee on your car, over the years the weather can take it’s toll on your car’s metallic elements. We thought we’d provide 5 easy places to check your car for signs of rust.

Rust on car

1. Wheel arches and wings

With your wheels collecting plenty of debris from the road, it’s natural to expect that the wheel arches of your car can get dings from time to time. As the car gets older and more prone to rust, the wheel arches near the edge of the wings can start to show signs of rust. Sometimes manufacturers will expect this to occur and try to coat this area more with paint to prevent premature signs of rust appearing.

2. Around the window sills

Windows, especially ones that have been added after market, can become vulnerable to rust spots. Seals can perish over time allowing water ingress to metal parts. If those areas haven’t been coated with enough paint or become damaged, then there is a likelihood of rust forming. A good place to check on vans which have had after-market windows fitted, or even sunroofs.

3. Under the bonnet

Despite being one of the areas covered by the elements, moisture can creep into the areas under the bonnet and produce rust eventually. If these areas haven’t been rust proofed well enough, then this can lead to elements rusting. Sometimes, even the points where the shock absorbers mount the chassis have began to rust, meaning the car will fail it’s MOT.

4. Wheel rims

This one is more easy to spot and possibly the cheaper to repair. Over time, steel rimmed wheels can rust. Again, like previously mentioned, areas like wheels can be the target of debris from the road, chipping and denting wheels, as well as being in constant contact with water spray from the roads.

5. Chips, dents and surface repairs

If there are known repairs to your vehicle surface or small chips and dents in the paintwork, these can be areas where rust can begin to appear. Damaged paintwork if not immediately repaired and properly treated can lead to rust spreading.

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