Do you have an up-to-date UK driving licence?

We’re all busy these days and the last thing on your mind would be to update your UK driving licence with the DVLA. But forgetting to do so could land you with a major fine. We’ll quickly run through the main reasons why you may need to update your driving licence and avoid a £1,000 fine in the future.

update drivers licence

Have you moved address? Update your driver’s licence

If you’ve recently moved house or flat, the last thing on your mind would be to update your drivers licence. You’ve probably got a million and one things to do that you feel are more important but you should really make this a priority – it’s just as important as informing your bank of your new address. Forget to inform the DVLA of your could see them issuing a £1,000 fine, get you in trouble with the law and invalidate your car insurance. A recent study by believe that 1.5 million registered drivers have the wrong address on their driving licence.

It’s a very simple procedure to update your drivers licence address and free. You can either do it online or via post. It’s very simple to update online and should only take you a few minutes. If you prefer to use the traditional postal method, then simply find your D741 letter that originally came with your licence. Then update the ‘changes’ section and then send this form and your photocard driving licence to the following DVLA address:

SA99 1BN

If your name or title has changed, you need to inform the DVLA

Getting married with a new surname – or changing your name by deed poll – will mean you’ll need to inform the DVLA to update your driver’s licence. Not doing so is a criminal offence and should be changed immediately. You must also update your V5C vehicle registration certificate (log book) for your vehicle if you change your name. Like updating your address, it’s a free service but you can only do this via post. Simply apply online for the D1 and D2 forms you need or visit your local post office to receive them. Then follow these helpful instructions on the UK government website.

Changed appearance significantly? Update your photocard driving licence

Your photocard licence now is your only driving licence. Paper counterparts aren’t being used any more and the importance of having an up to date photograph of yourself is important not only for DVLA records, but also as a form of identification for a variety of uses. There is however a cost associated with this process of £17, payable to DVLA (there’s no fee for those over 70 or have a medical short period licence). Follow these comprehensive instructions on taking your new photo for your driver’s licence and then submitting it to the DVLA.

Hopefully you’ve found this article useful and saved yourself the possibility of a fine or penalty. Whilst it’s not the most glamorous of things to do, keeping your photocard licence updated is extremely important for your pocket and keeping on the right side of the law.

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