VW emission scandal update 2017

You may remember in 2015 the VW emission scandal and heard how it not only affected the Volkswagen Group but also customers who purchased cars during the period of investigation. Our original article on the subject can be read here but we thought we’d write a follow-up article to help you understand the new details and how to claim compensation in the UK.

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What are the VW scandal compensation developments?

Since the admission by Volkswagen about the emissions tampering using so-called ‘defeat devices’, lawyers in the UK have suggested that ten thousand VW car owners have since expressed an interest in suing the Volkswagen Group – however 1.2 million diesel cars are now known to be affected in the UK by the VW emissions scandal. It’s now estimated that affected owners could be given ‘several thousand’ pounds in compensation should these claims be upheld. These are based on similar compensation awards in Spain which received €5,000 per vehicle owner and in the US $8,000-$10,000 were awarded. This sets a good precedence for similar awards now that VW have reached a settlement in these countries. A solicitor firm in the UK called Harcus Sinclair is applying for a group litigation order in the High Court later in January 2017 – this is effectively the same action as a United States class action lawsuit. In a statement the firm explains, “The key allegation is that the affected cars should not have been certified as fit for sale because it is alleged that they produced higher levels of nitrogen oxide and nitrogen dioxide emissions than the rules allowed,”. Other law firms are considering working together with Harcus Sinclair to save on legal costs for their clients, so it’s best to check with your solicitor if you want to help pursue compensation in the courts.

An alternative approach to going to court for VW owners affected by the emissions scandal is that the Motor Ombudsman could get involved to help owners not willing to put money towards a legal challenge. This body could then put up some of the costs if it chooses to take on complaints issued.

We recommend at this stage if you haven’t already spoken to your solicitor you should do so, or get in contact with Harcus Sinclair to see if you can make a claim against VW with them. Whilst things are moving slowly in this case at least they are going in the right direction for compensation.

My VW has broken down and is out of warranty

Should your VW car breakdown it’s highly unlikely that the ‘defeat device’ in this VW scandal was the cause, since this only affected the emissions testing as far as we know. Find yourself with no manufacturers warranty and are experiencing car problems? At MCM Garage we’re specialists in repairing, servicing and carrying out MOTs on VW, Audi, Skoda and SEAT cars in Bath and the Radstock area. Please contact us today on 01761 415 501 or visit our contact page to book an appointment.