Airbag light on in car? Here’s the likely causes

Car safety is paramount these days and with every new car model technology is getting more and more sophisticated. When warning lights come onto your dashboard they shouldn’t be ignored and this is also true if the airbag warning light comes on.

Even though you have seatbelts the extra layer of protection inside your car is the airbag and if it’s faulty then if you’re in a serious accident it may not work to save yours and your passenger’s lives, or even worse the airbag could go off without an accident occurring. This article goes to explain the common causes of why the airbag warning light comes on but please remember for your own safety, if it does happen get it checked out as soon as possible.

Dashboard lights

Airbag light could mean a damaged clockspring

The driver’s airbag system is placed on steering wheel in most cars. Inside the steering wheel there is something called a clockspring which allows the steering wheel to turn 360 degrees whilst keeping a connection to the airbag as well as other electrical systems within the steering column. This rotary electrical connection – if damaged – means that the driver’s airbag won’t inflate in the event of an accident. This type of airbag fault commonly occurs on older cars after years of use. The job to replace this clockspring usually takes a mechanic a few hours to replace but costs vary on parts and vehicle make.

Could your seat belts cause the airbag warning light?

The car’s internal sensor system for the airbag is usually connected to the seat belts as well. A sensor is commonly found in the seat belt switch to detect if the belt is fastened correctly. Therefore, you may want to check that there isn’t an issue with the seat belts themselves. Give them a good clean and blow any dirt out from the seat belt socket with compressed air. Sometimes this can fix the airbag warning light turning it off. If it does you can go on your way, knowing that a dirty seatbelt sensor was to blame.

The car’s computer could be at fault showing the airbag light

Ever had any water damage to your car? Live near the seaside where corrosion is more common? Then this could indicate that the car’s internal computer system has been water damaged making it display the airbag warning light, since it can’t recognise the airbag system. Sometimes this can simply mean a resetting of the computer’s codes to reset the warning if the issue isn’t a permanent one. In other cases you may have to find the leak and make repairs to prevent the issue occurring again. Diagnosis of an airbag fault shouldn’t take too long with a qualified mechanic.

Need your airbag warning light checking? Call us today to fix it

Here at MCM Garage in Midsomer Norton near Bath, we’d be glad to help diagnose and fix any issues your having with your car’s airbag light. As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, make sure you don’t delay as the airbag is there to save lives. Give us a call on 01761415501 or contact us online and we can arrange an appointment to get your vehicle repaired, even providing a courtesy car whilst your’s is getting fixed!