Tips for driving with dogs

Pets are big business in the UK and occasionally, being family members too, we like to take our beloved dogs in the car for a journey or even a holiday away. It may be funny to watch a dog sticking it’s head out of a car window or rolling around in the back of a car but keeping them safe is most important. Here’s our top tips for driving with a dog in your car.

Driving with dogs in cars

Avoid letting your dog stick it’s head out of the car

We’ve all seen it happen before and it’s often a talking point when seen on the road but what seems like a harmless, fun way for a dog to travel is actually a very dangerous one. Think about any debris which could hit the dog if driving at speeds. Also what happens if the dog accidentally touches the electric window button and traps itself ? It’s not worth bearing to think about so don’t let your dog stick it’s head out unless you’ve parked.

Don’t just let your dog roam the car while driving

Having a dog or any animal loose in your car whilst you are driving is a serious hazard for the driver. Not only could it cause an accident or distract your ability to drive, if you’re in an accident and the dog is not safely harnessed or in a cage, it could kill a passenger in the front due or go through the windscreen due to the additional forces exerted.

Keep your car ventilated in hot weather – dogs die in hot cars

‘Dogs die in hot cars’ been a popular slogan in the UK over the years, yet there are some people who still ignore this warning and leave their car windows closed on a summer’s day with their dog inside. If you’re concerned about car safety with your windows being left open, then there are some great inventions to secure the open gap at the top of the window which you can buy online or from any car maintenance shops.

Take a test run with your dog in the car

If it’s the first time that your dog is travelling or you just simply don’t travel often with your dog and are expecting a long journey, it’s wise to take a trial journey to see how they cope. You may think it’s fun for your dog but some can find it very stressful and bark, howl, dig or scratch to show their displeasure. Not only is it unfair for them if they’re not enjoying the car experience but your interior is likely to take a battering as well as your hearing!

Protect your car interior from your dog

It sounds obvious but many dog owners forget to protect their car interior from their dog’s antics. Even if your dog doesn’t tear into the cushions or scratch, you can bet that they’re going to shed their hair all over the car and when they’re out being walked probably roll in something you don’t want left in your car. Therefore, be prepared and take rugs, towels and even seat covers to keep your car in good shape while Rover enjoys the ride.

Does your car interior need repairs? MCM Garage can help

Accidents with animals in the car can happen and if you find your car’s interior needs replacing or could do with some repairs we can help if you’re local to Radstock or Bath. We can even give your car a wash once the work has been completed. Call us today on 01761 415501 or fill out our online booking form to book a car interior repair appointment.