Cleaning the interior of a car tips

When you’re trying to save money on car valeting you’re going to try doing it yourself. Cleaning your car interior doesn’t have to be a big chore though. We’ve come up with some great tips on making cleaning the inside of your car a breeze, as well as recommendations on what to avoid when cleaning car interiors.

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Put the air vents on full when cleaning your car

It may sound strange, but ensuring the air vents in your car are on full blast whilst you’re hoovering the inside of the car means that all of the dust inside the vents is blown out too. You can then quickly suck up the dust and dirt with the vacuum and will help move dirt trapped in places that are hard to reach.

Avoid marking vinyl trim with sharp vacuum cleaner attachments

While your fancy vacuum cleaner comes with a variety of gadgets to help you access tricky places or really ensure a deep clean of the cloth, be careful with attachments that can scratch your vinyl trim. You’ll regret it if the trim gets scratched as it’s going to leave a lasting impression, so go easy on the hoses you use on your car’s interior.

Start from top to bottom of the car when cleaning the inside

It’s easy to concentrate on the floor first when you’re cleaning the inside of your car but it’s best to start at the top. If you’re cleaning the inside of the windscreen, make sure that you start at the top and work your way to the bottom to avoid nasty streaks. Also if you’re dusting seats and dashboards it makes sense to leave the floor carpet cleaning till last anyway since there will be more dirt accumulating.

Clean, protect and then polish a car’s interior

Follow this simple rule of first cleaning, then protecting and finally polishing your car and you’ll get the best results and a long-lasting shine. Use appropriate cloths for the material you are cleaning or polishing too. For instance a micro-fibre cloth which is lint-free is perfect for leather cleaning. Don’t forget though that when the car interior job has been done, keep it smelling nice inside your car by using a good air freshener or replace the manufacturers built-in air freshener.

Get a car wash when you get your car services at MCM Garage

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