Top 5 Christmas Driving Tips

It may not be as cold as we’re used to in the UK this Christmas but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be prepared for all possibilities so that we’re not caught out this Christmas. Here are our top 5 tips to keep you safe and warm this Christmas when you’re on the road.

foggy weather

1. Leave a blanket or two in your car

If you get stranded at Christmas on the roadside waiting for a recovery vehicle to tow you to safety there’s nothing worse than being stuck outside in the cold without a blanket or two. It won’t take up much of your boot space either, so rather than getting frosty with your family, take a few blankets and keep their festive spirits up whilst waiting for your rescue.

2. Check your car lights for dirt

It gets mucky on the roads at Christmas time thanks to gritters and leaves. This inevitably means your car lights get filthy too and with fog and poor visibility in heavy rain, having dirty car lamps could get you into an accident, or in trouble with the police. Every time before you step out to drive, get a cloth or rag and give your lights a thorough clean to keep you safe and legal.

3. Replace those old wiper blades

If you’re checking your headlights for cleanliness, then you shouldn’t avoid the signs that your wiper blades need some care and attention this Christmas. If you’re noticing streaks or excessive noise when your wiper blades are working then it’s probably time to change them before you lose visibility through your windscreen. For the cost of a few warm mince pies and some hot mulled wine, you can get a new set of wiper blades and keep your path to Christmas bliss clear.

4. Check your tyre pressures for winter driving

With ice a likely risk to your commute around Christmas time, and wet weather increasing braking distances, it’s wise to check your tyre pressure according to your manufacturer’s guidelines (usually in the manual) so you have the most grip on the road. Having the wrong tyre pressure by 30% or more can see the risk of aquaplaning sharply increase according to Michelin the tyre manufacturer.

5. Don’t drink and drive

It’s sad that we have to even mention this in 2015 after over 50 years of warnings and campaigns about drink driving. Well, it’s still relevant unfortunately with stating in 2013 7,123 drivers were caught drinking and driving. Don’t become part of those terrible statistics and endanger your life and others by driving home drunk. Get a taxi or nominate a sober driver before your festivities, to stay safe and enjoy your Christmas.

Be safe and enjoy your Christmas from MCM Garage

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and stay safe and warm through the festive season. If anything with your car should occur during December in and around Bath, we’d be happy to help get your vehicle back on the road. If you find we’re not open during the Christmas period, please leave us a message either via phone on 01761 415 501 or email us via our contact form and we’ll get straight back to you.

Merry Christmas to all our customers from the team at MCM Garage.