When to buy a new or different car

You may love or even hate your car depending on many factors; reliability, appeal, consumption, speed, etc. Knowing when to ditch your car and upgrade can be a challenging task especially when cost is a major factor. This article will help you assess the tricky decisions involved when your car is coming to the end of it’s life, or simply when you think it’s time for a change in vehicle.

Lost car keys

Repair costs are escalating

If you’re finding that your car repair bills are increasing year-on-year it could be the time to make the switch to a new car and give you more reliability in the long-run. If you’re funds are tight however, you will need to think twice about whether the big investment of an alternative car purchase is worth it in the short-term. For many, reliability is the biggest factor especially if your job relies on your car being mobile, so finding a more reliable car may be worth switching to sooner rather than later.

Safety concerns

Noticing rust on your old car or experiencing major performance issues that are impacting your ability to control the car? Of course we’d recommend getting your car checked out immediately by a mechanic or local garage immediately if you’re experiencing safety issues but can your car after it’s repair regain your trust, especially if it’s ageing rapidly. A new car will give you that reassurance of increased safety which can be a major concern for young families.

Change in lifestyle

Had kids and can’t fit the car seat in the convertible? Maybe you’re retired and no longer need that fuel hogging 4×4 vehicle. Circumstances change and we all need to adapt and so does your car. Think about the benefits a new car may give you and if they outweigh the cons then it’s time to move on and ditch the old car for a new or different model.

Get a car repair quote from a trustworthy garage near Bath

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