When to recharge your car air conditioning

When summer arrives those long car journeys can get you hot and bothered, except that is if you’re car’s air conditioning is working correctly – then you’ll be cool and calm.  This quick guide will explain the telltale signs that your air conditioning isn’t working effectively and what to do to fix it.


Signs that your air conditioning needs recharging

If you find that your car is struggling to keep the temperature inside the car 10 degrees Celsius below the outside temperature then that’s a good indication you need to recharge or re-gas your air-con. Most modern cars include a temperature monitor of both inside and outside the vehicle. If not, another way is to place your hand over the air vent with the air conditioning on at full and wait a couple of minutes. If you don’t feel the air getting much colder on your hand then it’s likely your air-conditioning needs inspecting. Remember when using the air conditioning the engine needs to be running!

Before you jump to conclusions make sure that you’ve checked that the fans are working correctly since they need to push the air around the inside of the car. Inspect the fan visually for any defects and if any of them have stopped spinning or are spinning slowly this could be part of the reason why your air con is not working effectively. Sometimes a simple tap of the fan might get it spinning again, or you may need to get a replacement fan in extreme cases.

You may also need to check the car air filter in case it is clogged, which could cause the air conditioning to lose it’s efficiency. Usually this is changed every couple of years in a normal service routine but it’s sensible to check this too. A thorough clean of the air conditioning unit to remove debris and dirt build-up could also solve your air conditioning blues.

Can I recharge my car’s air conditioning myself?

Unless you’re experienced in recharging air conditioning units in cars and have all of the necessary equipment then it’s sensible to leave it to an expert – not just for ease but cost effectiveness as well. If you attempt to do it yourself without prior knowledge not only can it be difficult to re-gas but you could also damage or shorten the life of your air conditioning unit which could be costly to replace. Therefore it’s best to leave recharging your car’s air conditioning to the professionals.

Air conditioning costs and prices in the UK (summer 2015)

It’s good to know a rough cost on recharging your air conditioning before visiting your garage. Currently as of May 2015 in the UK you’re likely to find that a car air-con recharge or re-gas can range from £30 to £50, depending on the car model and garage carrying out the service. You may incur an extra cost of around £10 to £20 if you’d like the air conditioning system cleaned as well. If you’re local to Bath and Midsomer Norton in the UK, please call MCM Garage on 01761 415 501 to get our latest prices on a car air-conditioning recharge.

Recharge or repair car air conditioning unit?

Over time most car parts can either wear, leak, rust or corrode. Therefore an air conditioning recharge may not be the remedy to cooling the air in your car. When you visit a garage to fix your car’s air-con they should inspect the unit for any damage before attempting a re-charge. It’s also helpful to mention any coolant leaks you’ve noticed around the air-con unit if it is visible under the car’s bonnet. Costs vary if the unit needs to be replaced, depending on the manufacturer so be prepared if you suspect any major issues with the air conditioning system.

If you have any car air conditioning questions, or if you’re in the Bath and Radstock area and would like your air conditioning system to be checked and recharged, please contact us for a quote and appointment today.