Check your car suspension for issues

Your car’s suspension is not just for comfort when driving but it’s essential to keep your car safe. If your suspension has failed you could experience stopping or turning the vehicle. If you notice any signs that we’re going to discuss in this article, then don’t hesitate to get your suspension checked out by a professional before it’s too late.

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Getting a rough ride?

One easy way to tell that your shock absorbers or struts are beginning to wear is if you can really feel all the bumps and jolts in the road. You may experience the car bouncing which is a good indication that your suspension needs attention.

When stopping, the car dips

As shock absorbers get worn it’s possible to notice the car body dipping forward and in a downward manner when you brake hard. Your ability to stop the car suddenly may also be decreased and your stopping distance will increase, which is of course a safety issue so get it checked out straight away.

Drifting when cornering

When turning your vehicle around corners if you notice that the car pulls awkwardly or begins to drift this can be a sign of worn shocks. In a worst case scenario your car could lose control and even flip over due to the force of the turn. Your suspension would normally compensate against this force when cornering. Best to get any issues like this checked out immediately.

Give it a bounce test

You’ve probably seen the good old ‘bounce test’ on TV, whether it’s been Del Boy or Jeremy Clarkson. There’s good reason to such a test as this can show how firm your suspension is, or if it’s failing. To carry it out yourself, when the car is stationary, put it in neutral/park and get out and physically push with your arms several times on the bonnet as hard as you can, then let go. Try the same test on the boot too. A good indication of suspension failure is if it continues to bounce/rock two-to-three times once you’ve released it.

Check the tire tread

Tyres are another good indicator of suspension trouble. Should you spot the tread wearing unevenly or find any bald patches on the tyres it’s likely the car isn’t being held evenly by the suspension and putting excess pressure on certain tyres. A garage will help diagnose the issue.

Shock absorbers greasy?

With the car safe and stationary, have a quick look underneath at the car’s shock absorbers – a torch might be handy too. If you notice any oil or grease on the shock absorbers or struts then this could indicate leaking fluid and should be checked out by a mechanic, as they’re likely to not be working effectively.


If you find that you have any shock absorber issues with your vehicle we’d be happy to help. Please get in touch with us and we can make you an appointment at our garage straight away.