Adverse weather conditions can really hamper drivers on the roads with not only poor visibility but loss of control on the road surface. Heavy rain and flash flooding are one of the most hazardous conditions on the road and can strike sometimes without warning. We thought we’d give our best advice to stay safe when driving in the rain to help avoid any accidents.

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When cars or vans breakdown, it’s never usually the most appropriate place for it to happen. First of all think safety first and pull in somewhere safe, away from traffic. This might mean you cause more damage to your vehicle but if it saves you being in an accident this is one piece of advice which could save your life. Of course your car might not be able to be moved to a safe position, so in this instance stay in your vehicle if it’s unsafe to exit and call the police if you are blocking traffic or in danger of causing an accident. They can give you specific advice on what to do next. Read more!

With technology becoming ever more present inside vehicles these days, many manufacturers warning lights vary considerably. Some dashboard lights and panels can be very helpful, providing a clear symbol and possibly an LCD text display indicating the problem. Please note, when starting a vehicle, it’s common that warning lights appear on the dashboard for a few moments. If they stay present several minutes after starting up the engine, then it’s best to check what they mean to ensure your safety. Read more!