The engine of a car is one of the most vital parts. There can come a time when your engine comes to the end of it’s life or fails unexpectedly. One of the trickiest conversations to have at this point with your mechanic will be whether you should scrap the car or swap the engine over. For many the choice usually boils down to cost but if the vehicle is still valuable enough the sensible may be to replace the engine. We thought it would be helpful if we’d provide a guide to walk you through the process of choosing a replacement engine. Read more!

Driving on UK roads can be precarious at times, especially during difficult weather conditions not forgetting having to watch out for careless drivers. To add to that, the deterioration of road surfaces during the winter where water freezes, expands and opens up cracks in the tarmac, can be a real problem causing you to swerve or if you’re unlucky hit the potholes and damage your vehicle. In this article we’ll go through the process of avoiding and claiming for pothole damage to your car.

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