Finding dents and scratches on your car is an owners worst nightmare. Most of us have probably witnessed the signs of this damage after leaving our vehicle parked in a shopping centre. Whether you cherish your car or use it simply for convenience, even the smallest of scratches or dents can leave you reeling. We thought we’d write an article on the best options for repairing car dents and scratches. However, remember that if you’re not comfortable with car repairs then a DIY solution may not be suitable for you. Also, if the damage is substantial, then DIY repair may not be possible without extra investment, so you may be better to save time and money by calling a garage repair shop to carry out the work.

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No that’s not a bonfire¬†you’re smelling, it’s some kind of burning smell coming from your car! Don’t panic. In this article we’ll help explain the possible causes of the burning smell inside your car and what you should do next. Read more!