Check the wiper blade needs replacement

Check for any cracks or damage to the windscreen wiper blade by running your finger down the blade. It’s common to have to change your wiper blade about once every year. If you discover streaks or poor visibility when using the wipers in rain then this is a clear indication your wiper blades need replacing immediately. Good windscreen visibility on the road is essential for your safety. Read more!

It’s advised to regularly check your engine coolant level to avoid the engine overheating if a leak springs. Some cars have automatic warning lights that appear on your dashboard to inform you of a low coolant level but these aren’t always fail-safe. This brief article will show you how to check your coolant level and avoid overheating which could cause damage to your engine.*
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It is essential to check your engine oil level often, otherwise you could cause damage to your engine if there is not enough or too much oil inside the engine. Here are some handy tips on checking your engine oil level.*
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The Gadget Show Live (NEC in Birmingham, 9th to 13th April 2014) will showcase the new Volkswagen Golf GTE plug-in hybrid for the first time in the UK (10th April 2014), after it’s world debut in March 2014 at the Geneva Motor Show.

The hybrid petrol/electric car has all of the strengths of a GTI but with low emissions. The car has two engines. One engine is a 1.4 litre 150 PS TSI DI petrol. The other is a 102 PS / 100bhp electric motor . Combined, these engines produce 350 Nm (258 lbs ft) torque and 204 PS. This means it’s fairly fast going from 0-62 mph in just 7.6 seconds. Maximum speed is 138 mph and you can even stretch the fuel economy up to an attractive 188 mpg. Read more!

Tyre pressures

Make sure that you check the tyre pressures on your car every two weeks at least. You can either visit a petrol station / garage and use their air line to test the pressure, then inflate / deflate as neccesary, or you can purchase a quality tyre pressure gauge and check it before you set-off. Doing this before a long journey is best, as the tyre pressure when the tyres are hot the reading isn’t as accurate as when the tyres are cold. Make sure you read your car’s manual for the correct tyre pressure for the load you are bearing. Sometimes you can find notes on tyre pressures either in your fuel cap flap or on the inside of the driver door, near the lock catch.
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