Understanding Car Garage Jargon

For many drivers, car garage jargon can be quite confusing if they’re not acquainted with the latest acronyms and technical language regarding their car. Many drivers will also be afraid to ask “what does that mean?”, meaning they won’t understand what they’re being told and sometimes leads to them losing trust in their mechanic. In this brief article, we’ll attempt to educate you on the most common jargon surrounding car repairs.

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ABS – what does it mean?

“You’ve got a problem with your ABS chap” might be heard when getting your car repaired or serviced. ABS stands for Anti-lock Braking System, which controls your car’s wheels to prevent them ‘locking up’ whilst braking, to help prevent skidding. Therefore it’s an important safety measure and should be investigated and repaired for your own safety if it’s an issue. You should also notice an ABS warning light or similar on your dashboard when something is wrong.

Dampers/shocks – what are they?

The ‘dampers’ or ‘shocks’ as they’re commonly referred to assist your vehicle with a smooth motion on the road. This helps prevent your car from bouncing along a bumpy road and ensures the tyres maintain contact with the road, reducing the up and down motion. They are also used in combination with springs within the car’s suspension system ensuring a smooth and safer ride. Over time these parts will degrade and need replacing, so it’s common in an MOT or service that these issues are flagged by the mechanic should they become worn.

Excess play – what is it?

You may hear the term ‘excess play’ when a mechanic refers to the steering wheel mechanism moving without turning the wheels as much as expected. Therefore you may find that it takes more turns of the steering wheel to move the car’s wheels than it naturally should. This can be a safety issue especially at high speeds when using the vehicle and should be corrected as soon as possible once the issue is properly diagnosed.

Misfire – what’s this?

A ‘misfire’ is a common term used for when the car’s engine cylinders aren’t working effectively. When misfiring occurs, you may notice that your car jerks at times and it should be diagnosed. Essentially when the car’s combustion system doesn’t get the right mix of oxygen and fuel, then misfiring can happen, causing more carbon dioxide emissions and a less efficient engine.

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