Guide to choosing a replacement engine

The engine of a car is one of the most vital parts. There can come a time when your engine comes to the end of it’s life or fails unexpectedly. One of the trickiest conversations to have at this point with your mechanic will be whether you should scrap the car or swap the engine over. For many the choice usually boils down to cost but if the vehicle is still valuable enough the sensible may be to replace the engine. We thought it would be helpful if we’d provide a guide to walk you through the process of choosing a replacement engine.

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New engine or reconditioned engine?

Choosing a reconditioned car engine can sometimes provide more reliability than a brand new one. Knowing that a reconditioned engine has already been used for many miles and well looked after can show that it’s stood the test of time. Some engine dealers or garages may also provide warranties for reconditioned engines. You may also want to factor in that purchasing a second-hand engine is better for the environment, since you’re helping to recycle parts from another vehicle. Of course, it may also be down to your wallet which is where a used engine satisfies most buyers as the cheaper alternative.

Try to make sure that the engine is completely suitable for your vehicle too. Ideally finding the exact same model and year as your old engine will be a benefit but remember that the slight differences in engines can occur so it’s wise to get a mechanic’s advice if you’re unsure.

Engines with the lowest mileage can often be the most sought after, but cost a little more. This can give you more peace of mind that the engine has had less stress on it as well as less wear and tear. Also try to enquire a little more about the history of the engine from the owner to determine whether it’s been carefully looked after – an engine taken from a company car is likely to have more mileage and potential stress than an engine from a family car with low mileage.

What you receive with a reconditioned engine

Now that you’ve made the decision to go second-hand, don’t forget to check that the engine comes with the following:

  • Spark plugs
  • Intake and exhaust valves
  • Cylinder sleeves to house the pistons
  • Pistons
  • Crankshaft to move the pistons
  • Piston rings to seal the piston and cylinder
  • Sump reservoir for oil storage
  • Connecting rod to connect the crankshaft to the piston

Of course if a garage is carrying out the work, they can usually check this out for you and even source a suitable replacement engine.

We hope you never have to make this choice but should your car engine need some attention and you’re local to Bath and Radstock, then please get in touch with us here at MCM Garage. We’ve helped many owners with replacing parts and engines on their vehicles and our reviews show just how satisfied our customers are. Get in contact with us today or call us on 01761 415 501 to get a quote or advice.