Repairing car dents and scratches

Finding dents and scratches on your car is an owners worst nightmare. Most of us have probably witnessed the signs of this damage after leaving our vehicle parked in a shopping centre. Whether you cherish your car or use it simply for convenience, even the smallest of scratches or dents can leave you reeling. We thought we’d write an article on the best options for repairing car dents and scratches. However, remember that if you’re not comfortable with car repairs then a DIY solution may not be suitable for you. Also, if the damage is substantial, then DIY repair may not be possible without extra investment, so you may be better to save time and money by calling a garage repair shop to carry out the work.

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Repairing scratches on your car

Small scratches on your paintwork may appear to be easy to repair on first inspection but it really depends on how deep they are. Find that you have a clearly visible scratch where you can see beneath the first or second layer of paint? Then your best bet is most likely to be a visit to a car body workshop. Otherwise you’ll have to be confident in finely sanding and spraying the bodywork, not forgetting that you’ll have to find the perfect paint finish to match and the tools to hand. However, if you have very light surface scratches, then you may be better off giving your car bodywork a good wax and polish. Whilst it may never be perfect, it should be less noticeable than before and save your wallet in the long run.

If you have scratches on other parts of your car which hasn’t been painted, like the black plastic trim for instance, there are solutions for touching up these areas. You can find ‘black trim’ paints either in your local Halfords store or online via Amazon and other ecommerce stores as well. Remember to follow the instructions closely and mask up the areas nearby which could get paint on them like windows and paintwork – you don’t want to make the car look worse than when you started!

Repair a dent on your car

Dents can be unsightly and even the smallest ones can grind away at the strongest of car owners. If you can’t bear looking at the dents on your car any longer, then there are a few remedies you can try. Smaller dents can sometimes be fixed by using suction cup dent repair kits. However the results can be mixed and not always perfect. Most of the time, you’re left with two options if a suction cup technique doesn’t work: either fill the dent and then paint it, or replace the area of bodywork entirely. If you’re not confident in filling and spray painting a dent, then don’t forget to get quotes from car body repair garages to fix them. You may find the costs relatively inexpensive considering the effort involved.

It’s your choice

At the end of the day, you have three choices. Either ignore the dents and scratches on your car, attempt to repair the minor damage yourself, or ask a garage to carry out a professional bodywork repair. The choice is yours but we hope this article has given you a good starting point.

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