Choosing the best car hoover

Let’s face it cleaning the car is one of the last jobs on our lists when it comes to car maintenance. However, with new technology prevalent in this market sector, we thought we’d give you the low-down on how to choose the best car hoover to make the job quicker and easier. Here’s our top tips for choosing the best car vacuum cleaner.

best car hoover buying tips

Cut the cords, invest in a battery powered vacuum

Nowadays battery powered vacuums are pretty much industry standard when it comes to handheld vacuum cleaning. So ignore any vacuums that rely on power cords. Say goodbye to extension cords and bulky hoover attachments. Say hello to lightweight, manoeuvrable and handheld battery powered devices to get the car interior cleaning job done! Most handheld vacuum cleaners are under 2 kg in weight, so ignore ones that are heavier than this.

Tools and accessories

The nooks and crannies you find inside a car which fill with dirt can be overwhelming. That’s why you need the right tools and accessories on your car vacuum cleaner to make the job go smoother. Look in particular for extensions, various different types of nozzles and brushes to help access those grimy and awkward places, not forgetting the food you find stuck in-between child seats!

Vacuum performance

To make the job quicker for you, knowing you’ve got the best car hoover which can breeze through the task is vital. You should be looking for good suction power combined with the ability to remove dirt, stains and dust from the car’s interior. Try to look at reviews and assess the performance of the machine. Having a larger battery capacity may also indicate it uses more power or could last longer between charges.

Check the energy star figures

Nowadays all the best car hoover brands will display their energy star rating alongside the product packaging and promotional materials. Having an efficient car vacuum cleaner will mean that the battery lasts a lot longer and will get the car clean in one session, rather than two!

Guarantees with your car hoover

We all find technology has it’s limits and has a tendency to breakdown after years of faithful service. However, when new tech goes wrong and you’ve purchased a new car hoover from a disreputable seller or manufacturer who has poor customer service reviews, it can be a nightmare and a waste of money. Always check reviews online for longevity of the device and how the seller performs when things go wrong. After all, some of these car vacuum cleaners aren’t cheap, so purchase on a credit card for that extra peace of mind if you need to claim back under section 75.

Choose your car hoover wisely

We hope these tips have given you a better insight into choosing the best car hoover for your needs. Remember there are plenty out there but always read reviews to get a real opinion before parting with your cash. Don’t forget, if your car is unhealthy under the bonnet and needs more than a clean to fix it, here at MCM Garage in Bath we’re always happy to help diagnose your car problems. Just give us a call today on 01761 415 501 to book an appointment or MOT with us. Alternatively, send us an email via our servicing contact form.