What to Do When You’re in a Minor Car Accident

Having a car accident can be a traumatic experience for the driver and passengers even if it’s just a minor car accident. Shunting the car in front by failing to brake in time, or pulling out of a junction and not seeing a car round a blind corner can all cause these types of minor car incidents. Fear not though, in this article we’ll point out what to do next once you’ve been in a minor scrape on UK roads and when there are no injuries to any parties involved.

minor car accident

Check all passengers are responding after the crash

Once the car has been in the accident and you have come to a stop safely, check all of the passengers including yourself are unharmed and have no injuries. If someone is not responding to your voice then gently check for a pulse and see if they are breathing. If you suspect they are not breathing, have a major injury, see blood or believe they are unconscious then it’s time to call the emergency services. Try not to move them (unless the car is unsafe for them to remain inside) as doing so may cause more injury. The emergency services will talk you through what to do next over the phone after you explain the situation to them.

Try to move the car to a safer place

Once you’ve established everyone involved is fine, it’s usually sensible to move the car to a safer place since the accident could have occurred at a major junction or on a fast road. If the car won’t start or is leaking fuel then it’s better to turn it off and push the car out of the way if it’s safe to do so. If both cars involved in the accident can still move then try to drive all vehicles to a quiet side road, petrol station or lay-by nearby. Remember your safety and others is paramount on the road.

Assess the damage to your car and the other vehicle(s)

When it’s safe to do so, assess the vehicle damage and speak with the other driver(s) involved about the damage done. It’s usually time to be honest and admit if the accident was your fault. If it wasn’t your fault and the driver doesn’t claim responsibility then it’s time to find an independent witness to the accident, so they can verify your claim. Usually though it’s a mutual agreement to whom was at fault.

Exchange contact & insurance details and make a note or the registration number

Now it’s time to swap details with the other parties of the minor car accident. You’ll need to get as much contact information from them as you can and where possible show each other your driving licences so that you can verify the information they’re giving you is true. If you know you’re insurer tell them the company name and note down number plates. If you have a camera, take photos of the damage to both cars. Take a note of the time, date and road where the accident occurred too for future reference.

If can drive safely visit the nearest garage for repairs

If the damage done doesn’t hamper the vehicles ability to drive then it is usually safe to drive away and find a garage for repairs. If you can’t move the car or it’s dangerous to drive then you’re best to call the breakdown services to help tow away or repair your vehicle. Find a garage as soon as you can and ask for a quote on the repairs, as you’ll need to claim for these with your insurance or the other party if it was their fault.

Report the incident to the police & your insurer

All minor car accidents however small they are should be reported to the police. If everyone is uninjured and you’re not causing traffic hold-ups then you do not need to call the emergency services to report the incident. Usually it’s sensible to report the minor car accident to your local police station that day, either by phone or visiting the station. This will help your insurance claim too if you need one. Even if the accident costs don’t involve using the insurer (you may wish to get the repairs done out of your own pocket or the other driver will) then it’s still wise to call your insurance company to let them know of the incident. You never know how truthful people are and you could get whiplash claims via their solicitor even if it wasn’t your fault. At least your insurance company can help pay these bills if you get into trouble.

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