Improve Car Fuel Economy in Cold Weather

It’s that time of year when the cold weather in the UK will appear and with January hitting you hard in the wallet, saving money on fuel when using your car or van is going to be welcome information. Hence why we’ve created this article explaining our top tips on improving your fuel economy in the cold English weather.


Check on your tyre pressure to improve fuel economy

It goes without saying that keeping your car’s tyres inflated correctly is vital for your safety on icy road but it’s going to help cut that fuel bill when driving in winter. Always refer to your car manufacturer’s handbook or manual to find the right PSI for your tyres in winter weather and then keep checking the pressure every week to ensure you’re receiving the maximum efficiency benefits.

Avoid warming your car up in cold weather if you want to save fuel

Yes, it’s going to be cold to begin with when you start driving your vehicle in the winter but waiting for the heater to warm up the inside of the car will cost you more in fuel consumption. These days car heaters are very quick to heat up within a few minutes, so it’s really not necessary to leave the car idle whilst it warms up. Also, keep an eye on the temperature in the car when driving and ensure it doesn’t go above 19 degrees celcius as it will take more energy and fuel to heat the car beyond what is necessary. This goes for windscreen/mirror heaters and seat warmers too, these use up fuel when used so be wary of this when using them.

Plan your car journeys in cold weather to prevent the engine going cold

Starting and warming up a car engine and interior uses a significant amount of fuel to do so. Therefore, where possible, try to plan out your journeys and combine them so the car isn’t left cold for too long. That way the engine is warmer when restarting becoming more fuel efficient, as well as less heat lost inside the vehicles too getting you warmer quicker! Plus you’ll be driving less if you plan your journey correctly and save yourself time overall – win, win!

Keep your car covered to reduce fuel costs in cold weather

Last but not least, if you have a garage for your vehicle keep your car in it so it takes less time to warm up from cold. If you don’t have a garage, try a car cover in extreme weather which will not only protect it from frost but make it slightly warmer and quicker to get going, saving you fuel.

We hope you like these cold weather driving fuel saving tips. If you want to get your car serviced or repaired in the Bath, Radstock and Midsomer Norton area, then please feel to contact us to book an appointment, or call us on 01761 415 501