Useful car phone apps for maintenance, navigation and more

Having a phone or tablet has revolutionised the way motorists can navigate without bulky satellite navigation systems, listen to music, or check for traffic updates which all help make driving a more pleasant experience for us. Therefore, we’ve put together a selection of the most useful apps we’ve found to help us on our journeys and commutes. Please note, the prices are subject to change and were correct when this article was originally written.

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Satellite Navigation Apps for Android and iOS

  • Google Maps (free) – Android and iOS
    Google have a fantastic map system which you’ve no doubt already seen in Google searches which appear when searching for restaurants or places of interest. Their database is maintained frequently and is very accurate and it even has a night mode now to tone down the screen brightness when driving at night. Of course being free it has it’s limitations compared with paid apps but this is one of the best free apps for navigation and even lets you find routes for walking, cycling and trains.
  • Apple Maps (free with iOS) – iOS
    Apple have been offering Apple Maps free with iOS users for some time now and whilst it’s initial offering was limited and occasionally poor at routing, over the years since launch it has improved dramatically and is one of the most recommended navigation apps for iOS. Being integrated with the operating system also enables you to provide voice commands to Siri hands-free so you can stay legal on the road.
  • Tom Tom (£29.99) – iOS
    One of the most renowned Sat Nav makers has an iOS app too. Although a paid app, you do get the reassurance that your maps are up-to-date thanks to the established Tom Tom service – peace of mind for business users and users with regular car journeys to unknown areas. It also has lane guidance to help you avoid missing your lane when exiting joining motorways for instance.

Car Maintenance Reminder Apps

  • Car Maintenance Reminder (free) – Android
    Tracks your fuel costs, mileage and MPG. Handy ability to add notes and costs regarding your vehicle, as well as adding details on servicing and repairs. Tracks only one vehicle but you can pay to add more vehicles.
  • Road Trip (£4.99 – lite version free) – iOS
    Provides mileage and maintenance tracking so you know your MPG without having to do calculations and also includes the ability to add maintenance history, expenses, and reminders for servicing. You can even track your tyres wear and it supports more than one vehicle which is handy.
  • AutoCare (~£1.51-£5.99) – iOS & Android
    One of the most renowned car maintenance apps which comes on both mobile and tablet platforms. You can track maintenance, repairs, mileage, services, and plenty more. There’s even a reminders section so you don’t forget important services and repair bookings at your local garage.

We’ll try and keep updating this article with more apps as we find them so you can keep up-to-date.

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