Lost car keys and replacements

Careful as you might be, losing keys can easily happen to anyone. Hopefully you have a spare and only lose the keys for a short period of time but when you’re away from home and don’t have spare keys it can be very frustrating. This helpful guide will tell you the next steps and ways in which you can get replacements or recover keys lost inside a vehicle.

Lost car keys

VIN number

Your Vehicle Identification Number (known as VIN) will help you get replacement key fobs and keys. You should be able to find the VIN on the driver’s dashboard which is better viewed through the windscreen. If you can’t find it there, it could also be on the engine block, in the driver door frame, boot or on the frame near the windscreen washer tank. It should also be present on your log book or V5 licence document. However, this isn’t great to find if the car is locked or you’re away from home. If you’re in this situation try a search online where you should be able to find a suitable VIN number for your model and make.

Model, Make & Licence

Make sure you know your car’s model and make so that if a VIN isn’t easy to find then anyone trying to help you can search their system for appropriate key and fob replacements. Having your number plate registration to hand will also be a great help. To confirm your address and show you are the owner of the vehicle before getting new keys made, make sure you have your driving licence photocard with you in your wallet – if that’s not locked in the car too!

Insurance or Breakdown Service?

Before ringing key companies in your local area or the main dealers for quotes, check that your insurance policy doesn’t cover you for lost keys especially when you are away from home. You’ll be surprised the benefits included, so give your insurer a quick call to check especially if you’re in an emergency. You can even sign up to ‘key cover’ policies if you’re prone to losing keys. If you don’t have cover, your breakdown assistance should be able to help you to either get access to the keys in the car, or create and set-up new keys for you. This is probably the best option if you need to move the vehicle away from a road when away from home, as the recovery vehicle can safely tow it to a garage.

How much?

In 2013, Keycare published the average UK costs for replacement keys to the following vehicles which should give you a good indication of what to expect:

  • Ford Galaxy 2003 – £250
  • VW Polo 2009 – £780
  • Fiat Punto 2005 – £168
  • Land Rover Freelander 2008 – £268
  • Renault Clio 2002 – £480

Get a spare ready as a precaution

To prevent this happening again especially when you’re close to home, try getting a spare set of keys cut on the high street. At least a spare key will gain you access to most vehicles and start the car without a keyfob. You’ll still need you licence and V5 document don’t forget, otherwise it’s a wasted journey. Keyfobs or remote controls are the most expensive to replace so keep them safe.

If you find that you have any issues with your vehicle’s keys, locks or alarm system we’d be happy to help. Please get in touch with us and we can make you an appointment at our garage straight away.