Changing the Pollen Cabin Filter

Driving on busy roads means that many of the pollutants from other vehicles can be drawn into your car via the air conditioning system. This is where the pollen / cabin filter comes in. It helps to filter pretty much all of the particles that can damage our health and makes the air cleaner to breathe in. The filter as a general rule should be changed every two years, or if you drive a lot each year every 20,000 miles. This brief article should help you locate and replace your car’s pollen filter but we cannot accept any responsibility for any problems you might encounter. You should always check your manufacturer’s advice on any repairs or replacements. If you are unsure of any instructions below then please contact us and we’d be happy to help.


Purchase a new pollen / cabin filter

Consult your owner’s handbook to find out the appropriate filters required for replacement and purchase a suitable replacement. If you are in any doubt as to which kind of filter you require, please check with your local garage or we’d be happy to advise. Make sure that you either take the car or the old filter itself in so we can pinpoint the correct replacement.

Keep safe

Once you’re ready to attempt the replacement of your pollen filter, make sure your car is stationary, ignition switched off, handbrake on and engage a gear or ‘park’ on an automatic to ensure the car cannot move. This is paramount for your safety.

Locate the pollen filter

Check your owner’s manual for the precise location of the filter which can save you some time. Otherwise, if you have misplaced your manual you can usually find the pollen filter behind a panel just below windscreen or sometimes behind dashboard inside the vehicle. They can sometimes have carbon in them to help prevent smells. Any problems, please contact your local garage or arrange a visit to us today for help.

Remove the filter

Once you’re sure you’ve located the correct pollen / cabin filter cover, you can now open it by loosening the clips which surround it and hold it in place. If there are any screws in place, carefully loosen them and keep them safe. Then slowly pull the top of the housing off so you can then see the pollen filter which should look identical to the replacement you have already purchased.

Replace the pollen filter

Now it’s time to take the filter out. Depending on the usage it’s received, the filter could be quite dirty so be prepared for a messy job. Carefully lift out the filter which can be made of either cotton, paper or gauze. Ensure you haven’t pulled off any important rubber seals before discarding the old filter. Now open and fit the new filter in place of the old one. If you find it’s not fitting correctly, please check you have the correct filter for the car and then get in contact with one of our mechanics.

Replace the cover

Now that the filter has been replaced, and the seals all re-aligned for the housing, you can go ahead and replace the housing cover for the filter, remembering to firmly attach the clips and screws that held it together originally. Once you’re satisfied that the cover is secure, remove all tools and cloths you may have used still around the bonnet for the task and then carefully close the bonnet itself. You have now replaced the pollen / cabin filter and should check and replace the filter when necessary.

Need help with your pollen filter?

If you feel this filter replacement is too tricky for you to attempt or have found yourself in difficulty, feel free to give us a call and we’ll happily book you in straight away, check your pollen filter and get you back on the road again.