How to change windscreen wiper blades

Check the wiper blade needs replacement

Check for any cracks or damage to the windscreen wiper blade by running your finger down the blade. It’s common to have to change your wiper blade about once every year. If you discover streaks or poor visibility when using the wipers in rain then this is a clear indication your wiper blades need replacing immediately. Good windscreen visibility on the road is essential for your safety.

Choose the correct wiper blade for your vehicle

Each vehicles wiper blades can vary in size. Some can even have two types of sizes for the front wipers, so make sure you refer to either your manufacturers manual or measure all wiper blade sizes before visiting a shop to buy your replacements. Some shops have handy guides on your particular make and model of car, so you can determine the correct size but don’t take this to be 100% correct. Alternatively, a local garage can help you fit the correct wiper blades. For ease of replacement, we’d recommend buying the complete wiper blade with the clip attachments rather than trying to just replace the rubber itself – this can be very fiddly.

Removing the old wiper blade

It’s quite a simple process to replace your wiper blade. Pull the wiper arm up 90 degrees until it locks into place. Twist the wiper blade around. Most cars have a clip on the wiper blade itself which means you can simply push the clip in, push the wiper blade down and you can then remove it. To avoid damage to your windscreen, carefully push the wiper arm back down and rest it gently on the windscreen glass or put a cloth underneath the metal arm to prevent scratches.

Fitting the new wiper blade

To fit the new wiper blade is just a reverse of the previous instructions. Lift the wiper arm back up to 90 degrees until it locks. Place the wiper blade over the arm so the clip locates into the arm hook, then lift it up allowing the clip to lock to the arm hook. Make sure the clip on the blade is securely attached to the arm. Then twist the blade back to it’s normal position and gently move the wiper arm with new blade back on to the windscreen.

If you have any problems locating the wiper blade or can’t remove of fit the blade don’t worry, here at MCM Garage we’d be happy to help. Just contact us and we can set-up a quick appointment and we’ll even suggest the best wiper blades for your vehicle.